Hi, We’re Sophie & Krzysztof Slosarczyk.

We would love to tell you our stories of how we started our digital business from scratch and how it’s changed our lives.

From Krzysztof: “Ever since I was a little boy I’ve developed a great passion for cars, and with that, I decided to dedicate my career and do whatever it takes to be able to contribute to the creation of great automotive icons that serves thousands of people and changes the world for the better.

After 10 years of working in a premium British car making company, I realised that my work became less and less fulfilling and that my life calling was bigger than designing cars, so I decided to take 6 months off and go traveling around the world to discover my true calling, which was AMAZING but… The traveling didn’t really help me with identifying what my true calling was but made me realise that upon my return I didn’t want to go back to my unfulfilling job.

I still remember very clearly the conversation I had with my boss at the time whilst overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, discussing the details of the role he had in mind for me. I remember how every single cell in my body was screaming with the message “Krzysztof this is not what you want to do!!!”, and being true to myself I announced to him with great peace that I wasn’t willing to come back to the role he offered and unless there are some more fulfilling alternatives I was prepared to look for new career opportunities.

After long persuasions from my ex-boss, and me retaining integrity to all of my values, we settled down on an agreement that this was the end of my corporate, high-profile career. I remember how relaxed and happy I was closing that chapter of my life, and at the same time how excited I was about the future ahead.

I started to look after myself, by means of daily exercises, healthy diet, and practicing mindfulness. Just before one of my morning meditation sessions, I came across the link to a free video series (which I can share with you) that talked about starting an online business from scratch. I clicked and registered almost immediately and got myself immersed with that incredible content that has truly transformed my life for better.

Right now I am working in a flexible job that is fulfilling whilst we are growing our online business with great clarity of what my new life calling is. When I look back to what my life was like just over 1 year ago, and how my life improved I can wholeheartedly say that…we all have only one life to live, why not living it in a fulfilled way with clear purpose and happiness?”


From Sophie: “I came on board our digital business bandwagon only 10 months ago to the date of writing this. I was 39 weeks pregnant at the time with our baby boy and a digital business was the last thing on my mind!

I come from a healthcare background which I’ve worked in for over 15 years, and changing careers wasn’t really something I’d thought about, especially as I was on maternity leave.

I’d been shown the video series from Krzysztof a week before I went into labour with our baby, and was intrigued yet sceptical at the same time. My parents have taught me that money can only be earned if you ‘work for it’ (passive income from the internet was something I’d never even heard of) and when Krzysztof told me that less than 1% of the internet population are actually earning money online, I found myself even more interested…

It took me a while to get fully immersed in the online business idea, due to being a new Mum, and having my prime focus being our little baby. It was about 5 months before I was due to return to work that I finally came on board because of a thought which hit me like a ton of bricks; “We’re going to have to put our baby boy into nursery”. I just burst into tears.

I couldn’t stand the thought. It broke my heart and I hadn’t even experienced it, the thought was enough. So I started to get really involved at this point in a keen attempt at not having to return to work once my maternity leave ended.

I hit the SFM education full on, made my way through the modules, immersed myself in the people within the SFM community who are all so friendly and encouraging and took on board as many calls with the professional SFM coaches as possible. 

I dedicated every spare second while our baby boy was sleeping to work on the business, and I loved every minute of it. I felt like I had the perfect balance of ‘me’ time and ‘me and baby’ time as well. And, as they say, the rest is history…

Working on the business today still feels like I’m working in a profession again, but yet, I’m in the same room as our son and in full control of when I work and how I work. I don’t have a boss breathing down my neck and I don’t need to leave the comfort of our home, and this is just the most incredible feeling.

I stay at home full time with our baby boy right now because the earnings through our online business more than cover my salary from my old job. And this is the perfect thing for me… 

This is what we call living a Fantabulous Life!

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Sophie & Krzysztof