I for one am often overwhelmed with the array of ‘self help’ offerings out there. From the minefield of books, magazines, and apps advising you on how to improve your life it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s why I’m lining up three simple but very effective habits for improvements to your daily life.

These are tried and tested by me and work well in my case, so are surely worth a go?


Daily habit 1: Drink water!

This is such a simple thing to do! Dehydration is a major cause of fatigue, stress and lack of concentration in the workplace and at home. It also has a knock on effect to how ‘regular’ you are and how well you can digest food. It makes you feel absolutely rubbish if you don’t drink enough water.

Try simply swapping a couple of coffee cups for a large glass of water or for herbal teas or cordial. I also find that a glass of cold water in the early morning wakes me up better than a hot shower! A slice of lemon and honey in warm water is also a delicious treat which helps cleanse the system.

Try drinking more water on a daily basis and see for yourself how much better you feel!

daily habits to improve life


Daily habit 2: Be grateful!

Having gratitude for and in your life is key to feelings of warmth and happiness. Be thankful for the people around you, the friends and family. Be grateful that you are alive and able to breath that fresh air in the early morning from your back door. Be thankful that there is food in your fridge.

That steaming hot cup of tea in the morning to help you on your way to work. You can be grateful for everything in life. Go a step further and create a gratitude list, or download an app and log your gratitude daily. Keep a clean jam jar aside and write down once a week on a post it note what you are most grateful for.

It will be a joy to open the jar at the end of the year and smile at all those special grateful things, no matter how big or small!

daily habits gratitude


Daily habit 3: Become a detective!

Do you drive the same road every day to work? Do you have a set daily routine at home? Make it your objective to see something different every single day. Whether it’s a new road sign, a bird flying across your path, the way a person bobs their head to the radio during a traffic jam, the smile from the waitress in the coffee shop.

By becoming a detective you are becoming mindful of your life and stepping out of ‘auto-pilot’ mode, which means you are observing the moment. Your days will be filled with so much more meaning simply by being aware of it.

The hours won’t drain away, but instead will become much more special, even if it’s just a ‘normal’ day! I took my dog for our daily walk this morning, but it was the first frost of the year.

I went crazy as a detective! I noticed the white frost on everything, the fine blades of grass peeking through in the fields, the footprints left by people, the clouds of smoke coming from people’s chimneys. The possibilities are endless!

daily habits become a detective


I hope you try these three simple techniques, no skills required! Try to maintain them for longer than a couple of weeks and they will soon become second nature to you.

If you feel that these simple useful daily habits may be helpful to anyone you like and know please share it!

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I wish you all success in your Life.


Sophie Slosarczyk

Co-Founder of Fantabulous Life


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