What on earth is a Fantabulous Life?

A Fantabulous Life is a life that is both fantastic and fabulous. To us, it simply means creating and living life to its possible best, whatever that may mean for you.

In our lives spent in corporate Britain, we’ve experienced the pain of living unfulfilled lives, trading our time for money yet having no time or energy left to spend with our loved ones and struggling to meet financial commitments. We asked ourselves “is this really as good as life gets?”

The day baby boy came along was when we finally decided, enough is enough. We want to spend as much time as possible together as a family, and we realised that by building a digital business we could do just this. 

If you resonate with our message then we believe you’re in the right place. We created Fantabulous-Life.com to inspire you, to give yourself permission to take big life-changing action today.

our mission

Our mission is to inspire you to wake up and take control of your own life and start living life on the terms that matter most to you.

Who we are

our values

We are Krzysztof and Sophie, just an ordinary couple who decided long ago to live fantabulously, in the way that is most fulfilling and enjoyable, where we nourish and practice what is valuable in life to us.

Our main passion as a family  is traveling which we’ve been doing at every spare moment since we met.

In this we continue to generate life changing experiences which in turn develops our positive outlook and our ability to be grateful for the lives we have, towards becoming best possible versions of ourselves.

We’re fortunate to have a very travel happy baby on board with us!

what we offer

To be successful in tapping into the fast-changing digital economy we had to upskill ourselves, and whilst doing so we came across Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, founders of Six Figure Mentors, very successful online entrepreneurs who pointed us towards the SFM Online Training.

The SFM training starts with a FREE Video Series, that we would love to share with you today if you’re like us and want to build a fantabulous life for yourself.

discover how to create A fantabulous life

  • Worried About Your Technical Skills?

Put your mind at rest and watch the video series to find out how simple it is. All the training and tools you need are available to you in the SFM training program.

  • Feeling Like You’ve Missed The Boat?

It is never too late to start, especially when it comes to creating a life of fulfillment for yourself and people you care most. We met some very successful people that started the training in their retirement.

  • I’m Too Busy To Start An Online Business!

This is more of a question of priorities. What could be more important than time investment into something that will eventually change your life, where “I’m too busy” doesn’t exist anymore! Submit your email address in the box on the right to see for yourself what’s involved to start an online business.

Thank you for trusting us with providing your personal email. We need it so that we can send you the free video series and later also provide more free resources that are helping us with growing our online business. W may occasionally include paid products or services that we personally use and believe you may find useful too, but please remember that you are under no obligation to purchase anything. Our goal is to help you. Your privacy is the most important thing and we would like to reassure you that we’ll never share your email address with any third party. Please be reminded that if at any point you would like to stop hearing from us you can simply unsubscribe at the bottom of any email. Wishing you all success on your journey. Sophie and Krzysztof

Read Other Amazing Members’ Stories

“I can’t even put into words the impact that SFM has had in my life, not just financially, which is great, but with becoming the person I want to be; having confidence in myself, in my relationships, health, fitness, my whole quality of life has gotten so much higher. Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing you at the next live event.”

Dan Holloway

Scrap the 9 to 5

“Thank you, thank you, massive thank you, to everybody at the SFM and DEA. Last week I left my corporate sales job to become a fully fledged, self-employed, digital business owner. It’s absolutely everything under one roof that you need to succeed, not just as a new business owner, but how to succeed at life.”

Amy Taylor

Your WiFi Life

“The tools, training, education, mentoring, coaching and community at the SFM have completely revolutionised the quality of our lives. We’ve built confidence in ourselves and have met some of our best friends as a direct result of being in this supportive community of like-minded, genuine human beings who are always there to encourage us and challenge us to be our most authentic selves.”

Grant and Helena Lamb

Helena and Grant

“I joined the SFM because I knew that so many regular people were living lives of freedom, flexibility and fun but I didn’t know how they were doing it. This is where the SFM came in and gave me the world-class education, support, systems and community to put these newly learned skills into place and get myself on that path to freedom. “

Gavin MacLean

Gavin MacLean